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updated 6th December, 2021
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Afternoons with Deborah Knight

Deborah Knight joins you this afternoon, with the latest in news, entertainment and technology.

(Monday, 06.12.21) Environment Minister Sussan Ley will talk to us about the recent Australia Re-Made announcement.

Guide Dogs spokesperson Ryan Jones is in to talk to us about the Guide Dogs appeal and special guest Ivan the Guide Dog Puppy will joins us in studio.

And Marcia Kealey from Casey's Toys is in with the suggestions for Best Toys for Christmas.

Afternoons with Sofie Formica

Sofie Formica joins you this afternoon, with the latest in news, entertainment and technology.

(Monday, 06.12.21) Sofie talks to with the premier live, as we cover the latest development on the expected announcement of Queensland's hard border coming down early.

And Sophie speaks with the woman who's trekked across the Aussie outback with 5 camels, in a journey of adversity and amazing stories along the way. She's come from Perth, soon to arrive at Northern NSW.

Australia Overnight with Tony Moclair

Join Australia Overnight to help you get through the early hours with News, views and laughter from midnight tonight.

Australia Overnight with Michael McLaren

If you're a night owl, Australia Overnight is here to keep you company. Stay informed and entertained till the early hours, tonight from Midnight.

Australia Overnight Weekends

Up late on the weekend? Join Luke Grant to stay informed and entertained.

The Garden Clinic

Are there fairies at the bottom of your garden? Well, the Garden Clinic probably can't help with that particular issue. But there's plenty of other questions they can answer..

Money News with Brooke Corte

Brooke Corte on Money News tonight, from 7PM, with the latest on business, real estate and the economy.

Neil Mitchell Show (Tony Jones Filling in 06.12-07.01.21)

Tony Jones with you again this morning, talking about all the news and opinions that matter.

(Tuesday, 07.12.21)  We're Out of Left Field with Fiona Pattern, then we find out what's on the box when we talk TV with Jane Holmes.

(Thursday, 09.12.21) Tony's at the factory that never shuts down, the Idea's Factory.

Nights Denis Walter

Denis Walter, back with you tonight from 8PM talking footy, finance, gardening and more.

(Monday, 06.12.21) Laura V joins us tonight to talk about the Generation Gap.

(Wednesday, 08.12.21) Footy Tips, your health and your Wednesday Nightcap when we catch up with Darren James and Andrew McLaren.

(Thursday, 09.12.21) Legal matters, motoring and more tonight from 8PM.

(Friday, 10.12.21) You've made it through another week and we've got the Power Source with Emily Power, some dining ideas from Denis himself and the Unpredictable Pat Panetta.

Nights John Stanley

John Stanley joins you from 8PM tonight, to keep you up to date with what happened in the day and the latest breaking news.

Ray Hadley Morning Show

With the latest news and views in the morning, Ray Hadley will keep you up to date.

(Monday, 06.12.21) Ray is joined this morning by NSW Police Homicide Squad Commander, Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty, to talk about the $1 million reward in relation to the Kalim Saliba murder.

And Australian-Canadian Country Music singer, Gord Bamdford speaks to Ray about the release of his new song.

Tom Elliott Show

Tom Elliott joins you this afternoon, talking Finance, news and everything you need to stay up to date.

(Monday, 06.12.21) We've got everything to help keep you informed and entertained on the way home, the Upshift with Steve Pizzati, Finance with Scott Haywood and the UK Report with Malcolm Stuart.

(Wednesday, 08.12.21) What's happening overseas? We can let you know with the U.S and U.K reports, on your way home this evening. Plus Tom talks Age and Attitude with Dylan Buckley.

(Friday, 10.21.21) It's the end of the week! So we've got what's Not The News Of the Week, with John Origlasso.

Wide World of Sports

Join the big names in sport, back this evening with the insights that matter.

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